Planned Giving

Develop a Planned Giving Process at Your Church Does your church need a planned giving process?

How can INJOY Stewardship Solutions’ Planned Giving help your church?

INJOY Stewardship Solutions will partner with your church to develop and implement a stewardship system that establishes a pipeline of planned gifts to your church.

We will provide training on planned giving and show your people exactly how to maximize their estate for kingdom purposes. 

What's Included?
  • Estate Planning Experience
  • Planned Giving Consulting
  • Financial Leader Training

Why should your church offer planned giving?

In a recent survey we found that over 80% of churches don’t have a planned giving system in place at their church.

Another survey by Freewill showed the average bequest to charitable organizations is $76,630!

If your church doesn’t have a system to help your people with their planned estate giving, you are missing a major opportunity to serve your people and have more money for ministry.

What is the Planned Giving process?

  • Developing systems that will allow your people to intentionally leave a legacy at your church through a complete planned giving process.
  • Provide church wide opportunities to teach the church about wills, estates, trusts etc...
  • Remain onsite to meet with the church one on one to help them develop their estate plan.
What others are saying

Marty Schmidt

The challenges of moving a big project forward are daunting. Especially when there are a number of unknowns. I'm so grateful for the team at INJOY who helped us successfully navigate those challenges. I don't know what we would have done without their experience and coaching. 

Why do you need a partner to help with your Planned Giving?

The INJOY Stewardship Solutions’ consulting team will walk your church through the entire process from start to finish.  We will provide you with everything you need to implement a Planned Giving system at your church.

At the end of the partnership, your church will have a repeatable system in place to serve your people and begin seeing planned legacy gifts at your church.


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Radiant Church
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