John C. Maxwell Quotes on Raising Capital


INJOY Stewardship was founded in 1992 by Dr. John C. Maxwell to help churches not just raise financial resources, but to raise fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Below are 10 quotes from Dr. Maxwell in regards to raising capital.

  1. A pastor’s leadership credibility is on the line in a campaign more than just about anywhere else. Meeting financial goals is objective, whereas many other ministry goals are subjective (i.e. “good sermon Pastor”, “good music”).

  2. Vision is a clear picture of tomorrow that asks for a commitment today. You’ll always pay for the vision before it’s a reality. Paint the picture clearly, and be so engaging the people buy into it.

  3. Your congregation will make a commitment (to a capital campaign) as much because of the buy-in they have in you, the leader, as what their commitment will accomplish.

  4. Many dreams aren’t realized, not because it isn’t a valid dream, but because there isn’t a valid path to the dream. Cast vision, and know the necessary steps to get there.

  5. A strategic plan breaks the vision down into bite size chunks. Ask yourself, “I may not be able to accomplish the vision today, but what can I do today to accomplish the vision?”

  6. All great accomplishments are many small accomplishments connected to one another.

  7. There is a difference between merely preaching through a capital campaign, and leading through a capital campaign.

  8. Too many pastors see their people as they are now, not as what they could be. We see people through the lens of how we see ourselves.

  9. Whenever God deals with us in the areas that are closest to us (money being one of them), very quickly we must settle issues on who truly is the lord of this? Who’s money is this, really? Mine, or God’s?

  10. If you really believe God’s promises, you don’t have a problem with giving. Generosity isn’t a money issue, it’s a trust issue. Where there is trust, there is obedience, and obedience is the sign of a surrendered Christian.

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