Ed Young Quotes at C3 Conference


This week, the INJOY Stewardship team will be live blogging content from the Creative Church Conference in Dallas, Texas.

C3 Conference is hosted by Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church and is a gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life and all around the world.

C3 is passionate about bringing a new level of excellence to our churches and hope to our communities.

Follow along as we share quotes and notes from each main session! 

The following is a recap of Pastor Ed Young’s Opening session at C3:

  1. “Pastors don’t talk about the fact that people leave their churches.”

  2. “We want to bring out the raw and the real parts of life and ministry.”

  3. “We want to talk about the beautiful but also the brutal side of church.”

  4. “Just because you walk into this place doesn’t mean you can imitate everything we do. You can take things from here and apply it, but you must recognize the different contexts we operate in.”

  5. “However, no matter the style or size of church you or I lead we can learn from one another.”

  6. “People in the church world are leashed up to unforgiveness. Who has hurt you that you are you dragging through your life and causing collateral damage to others because of unforgiveness?”

  7. “If we aren’t careful, unforgiveness can mess us up.”

  8. “Unforgiveness can cause us to miss the freedom and joy God wants us to experience in our lives.”

  9. “We often forgive others intellectually but not in reality from the heart.”

  10. “When I operate and live in unforgiveness I’m giving control to those I’ve been hurt by, rather than agreeing with who The Lord says I am.”

  11. “You have to most often forgive those you love, those over you, and your ‘competitors’.”

  12. “Jesus has chased us down, called us by name, and unleashed us from the unforgiveness we carry around.”

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