Rich Wilkerson Jr. Quotes at C3 Conference


This week, the INJOY Stewardship team will be live blogging content from the Creative Church Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

C3 Conference is hosted by Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church and is a gathering of thousands of leaders and influencers from all walks of life and all around the world.

C3 is passionate about bringing a new level of excellence to our churches and hope to our communities.

 Follow along as we share quotes and notes from each main session!

The following is a recap of Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s session at C3.

(This message is based on Genesis 40:1-8)

Five Mistakes That Will Kill Your Church Fundraising

  1. When it comes to the vision God gives us, as much as we want it to occur, we need to go through a season of incubation before it comes to fruition.

  2. Incubation is to develop slowly without outward or physical signs.

  3. A dream that can’t be tested is a dream that can’t be trusted.

  4. You won’t see a dream fulfilled without a dream team.

  5. Oftentimes, as leaders, we feel isolated.

  6. However, isolation is not a permanent destination.

  7. God’s dream for your life does not develop instantaneously like a picture on an iPhone, but rather, it takes time to develop, like camera film. Often, you have to go through a dark room, but fear no evil, because God is delivering you through that darkness and developing you into something beautiful.

  8. In seasons of loneliness, we learn to lean on God and know He is near in the hard times.

  9. Isolation is an invitation.

  10. You can be in a bad situation but still have a good spirit.

  11. Whatever you focus on when you’re alone is what will manifest when you’re announced.

  12. Some people want to arrive but don’t want to go on the trip. You don’t need a stage to preach. You don’t need followers to preach the gospel. Would you preach without applause or a microphone?

  13. God wants to reserve you for Himself before he reveals you to others.

  14. Isolation often leads to elevation.

  15. Joseph went from the prison of Egypt to second in command in Egypt.

  16. When you read the Bible, you aren’t looking for principles, you’re looking for a Person. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is about Jesus Christ.

  17. Being around God cannot substitute for being alone with God.

  18. Jesus went through isolation in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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