2 Ways to Enhance the Overall Stewardship Culture at Your Church


This content has been curated from a recent online event we hosted called, 6 Keys to a Successful Capital Campaign.

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When it comes to spiritual maturity or spiritual DEPTH, most people in your church can be segmented into two groups:

  1. “Shallow Stream”

  2. “Deep Stream”

Those people who are in the shallow stream are at a different place in their spiritual development than those who are in the deep stream, so you need to create two different “on-ramps” to lead them to a deeper level of generosity in your church.

Shallow Stream Believers

Shallow stream believers are those who need coaching, teaching, and discipleship in the fundamental spiritual disciplines of prayer, reading God’s word, and tithing.

They are those who are not eating solid spiritual food as Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 3:2.

When it comes to giving, your goal for this demographic of your church is to get them to trust God with their tithe for the very first time.

It may feel like you are spoon-feeding these believers, but at this point in their spiritual journey of generosity, that is what they need.

A great way to on-ramp this group of believers is to issue a tithe challenge at your church.

If you would like to issue a tithe challenge at your church or take your people through a devotional on giving, we offer a resource that gives you everything you need to know on how to execute one!

The 90-Day Tithe Challenge Kit – gives you a complete step-by-step guide on how to conduct an incredible tithe challenge!

Deep Stream Believers

Deep stream believers are those people in your church who are very mature in their relationship with Jesus and actively involved in the work of ministry at your church.

These are people who fully understand how to connect with God through prayer, reading His word, and tithing.

Even though these people are very mature in their relationship with Jesus and are faithful tithers, they still have opportunities to take the next step in their spiritual journey of generosity.

This is usually during a capital campaign or special offering.

During this seasons at your church, God will call deep stream believers to a heightened level of sacrifice that goes above and beyond their regular tithe.

However, you as a pastor or church leader do not know what He is calling them to sacrifice.

They have to seek Him themselves.

So, when those seasons of sacrifice come, a great way to on-ramp deep stream believers to deeper levels of generosity is to take them through a devotional that leads them to the feet of Jesus and asks them to obey whatever He impresses on their hearts to financially sacrifice during the next season.

The Imagine Devotional is a done-for-you devotional that we’ve created to teach your deep stream believers how to seek him in a sacrificial giving campaign.

Download The Imagine Devotional

The two on-ramps to deeper levels of generosity are just one of the keys we talked about in our recent online event, 6 keys to a successful capital campaign.

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