3 systems that lead to a more generous church culture

An increase in a church’s culture of generosity hardly ever happens on accident. In order to see financial generosity flourish in the hearts and lives of your people, you need to design and leverage systems that allow you to disciple your people in their personal finances.

The following are three systems we talk about in our eBook Nine Ways to Increase Generosity In Your Church This Year.  

1 – Weekly Offering Talks

Do you realize that you get the opportunity to preach on money and generosity every single week?

If you devote a portion of your services to the bringing of tithes and offerings, you get the chance to preach about money every week. Even if it is just a two-to-three minute window, doing this week-in and week-out will impact your church significantly.

During the offering talk, you will want to connect people’s giving to life-change and the advancement of your church’s mission and vision. It’s an opportunity to show people that their giving does make a continual difference. As a rule of thumb, always use a story, statistic, or scripture.

2 – Personal Finance Ministries

Often, two obstacles to increased generosity in your church are people’s debt and poor spending habits.

A person can learn what God says about stewardship and giving in a sermon-series on money, but how can they begin trusting Him with their finances if they do not believe they can afford to tithe? The natural next step would be to invite them to a budgeting class, small group, or financial coaching session that will help them create a plan to get out of debt, spend wisely, and begin trusting God with their finances.

9 Ways to Increase Generosity – eBook

3 – Online Giving Systems

If you still pass the plate to accept tithes and offerings, you must understand that you are passing it to a lot of people with no cash or check on-hand. This may be the best giving solution for some people, but it is not the best solution for everybody.

Today, the most common trait among churches who fully-fund their ministries is an emphasis on driving as many people as possible to participate in recurring online giving.

You need to make the online giving process EASY for the end user. We recommend doing a major push to sign people up for online giving each April and May before the school year concludes and attendance drops.

These are just three of the nine systems we discuss in our eBook Nine Ways to Increase Generosity In Your Church This Year. To learn more on how to implement these systems at your church, download your copy for free!

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