, 3 Things Churches Forget When Preparing To Build

Building a new church facility is an exciting milestone in the life of any congregation. It symbolizes growth, new beginnings, and the ministry’s commitment to God’s next step. 

However, preparing to build can be as daunting as it is thrilling, filled with complex decisions and significant financial commitments. With so much at stake, you must approach your build with a well-considered plan and open eyes. 

3 often overlooked but crucial aspects of planning a church construction project: 

  1. Budgeting For Hidden Costs
    • An inclusive and realistic budget is vital for the success of any building project. Hidden costs, if not anticipated, can jeopardize the entire project, leading to potential cutbacks on essential features or, in the worst cases, halting construction altogether. Understanding and planning for these hidden costs from the outset ensures that the project remains financially viable and on schedule.
    • This proactive approach to budgeting not only safeguards the project but also ensures that the new facility will meet the needs of the congregation without compromising on quality or functionality.
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  1. Legal & Zoning Requirements
    • Compliance with legal and zoning requirements is not just about adhering to the law; it’s about ensuring that your church building project progresses without interruptions. Ignoring these regulations can lead to legal challenges, fines, and even the halting of construction, all of which can strain church resources and diminish community trust.
    • Maintain meticulous records of all interactions, permits obtained, and approvals from local authorities. This documentation can protect your church in the event of legal challenges and will serve as a reference throughout the construction process.
  2. Considering A Partner
    • Financing a new church building is a significant undertaking that often requires more than just regular tithes and offerings. Capital campaigns are intensive efforts that can help churches meet large financial goals. Our team at, INJOY Stewardship Solutions has a proven track record in helping churches not only meet but exceed their fundraising goals through meticulously planned and executed capital campaigns. Our expertise in financial coaching, spiritual emphasis, and strategic planning makes us an ideal partner for any church embarking on a significant building project.

As you move forward with your church-building project, keep these guidelines and strategies close at hand. Remember that each step you take is part of a larger journey towards creating a space that will serve many purposes: a place of worship, a community hub, and a testament to your faith and dedication. 

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We encourage you to approach this project not just as a construction endeavor but as a mission to enhance your congregation’s spiritual and communal life. May this process be as rewarding as the outcome.

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