36 Leadership Quotes From Opening Session at C3 Conference


The following blog is from Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Partnerships for INJOY Stewardship Solutions.

For the next two days, I have been dispatched by INJOY Stewardship Solutions to attend and help sponsor the C3 Conference in Dallas, TX. 

Hosted by Fellowship Church founded by Senior Pastor Ed Young, the C3 Conference is where leaders from around the world gather together for intensive coaching, inspirational teaching, incurable learning, and intentional relationships to advance the Church!

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The event opened up with Pastor Ed speaking about.

The following are 36 Leadership Quotes And Information From Ric Flair (yes, that Ric Flair through a replay from earlier this year) and Ed Young’s Opening Session At C3 Conference:

Ric Flair Quotes


  2. I feel very comfortable here.

  3. I’ve been to Japan 65 times.

  4. I didn’t look at what I was doing to my family when I was traveling so much.

  5. I didn’t go home because I wanted to be the champion.

  6. I had terrible self-confidence and anxiety.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. It’s what you did during the body of the match.

  8. People remember what made you different.


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Ed Young Quotes

  1. Everybody rassles with stuff.

  2. Jacob was a War In The Womb.

  3. Can I say that everything at Fellowship Church the last 28 years has been Spirit-led and Spirit-filled? Heck-to-the-no!

  4. God is sovereign. God is in charge.

  5. If you really ask pastors of large churches, most pastors don’t know why their church is big. It’s just the sovereignty of God.

  6. God’s sovereignty of God is not fair.

  7. Sometimes when you fish you come back to the dock with nothing.

  8. I’ve talked to so many people who traded their life in for a bowl of beans.

  9. We have Esau trading his fortune for flatulence, his gold for gas.

  10. I’m a preacher. I can live off a good compliment for three or four months.

  11. God often gives me pop quizzes to test me and test you rather than big exams.

  12. Being a pastor is a unique role.

  13. We, pastors, wrestle with the audience more than we know.

  14. I want to please the crowd. I’m that insecure.  I’m that guy whose self-esteem can rest on attendance and offering.

  15. Am I pleasing the crowd or pleasing God?

  16. At the end of the day you are you trying to please? I’ve spent too much time worrying about the crowd.

  17. We, pastors, gain more heat than cheers.

  18. I’ve done this for 37 years… The negativity that pastors process would blow your mind.

  19. We, pastors, wear masks and combat competitors a lot. I have to wear a happy mask, the encouraging mask, the “we can do it” mask,

  20. People don’t get saved and start tithing.

  21. People in the church believe rogue former staff members stories as opposed to 28 years of marriage, 28 years of purity, four for four with kids, and look at Fellowship Church, this God-church.

  22. When people leave it’s like a divorce.

  23. We have to take the shots. You have no idea the shots your pastor is taking.

  24. The greatest people I’ve ever met in the church. But also, we’re a place of grace and welcome people.

  25. We are always in Wrestlemania. Spiritual warfare is just a way of life.

  26. The level of intensity of spiritual warfare that pastors face…..

  27. A lot of stuff doesn’t come out in your life until your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.

Next up will be Ed bringing the second session of the morning.

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