4 Things Every Church Needs In Its Capital Campaign


That’s right.

We are already beginning the planning process for Spring 2019 capital campaigns.

To help churches prepare for this journey of generosity we recently created a new ebook entitled Cultivate: How to Prepare NOW for a Successful Capital Campaign.

Cultivate – Ebook

To give you a taste of what you will learn, the following are four goals any church, regardless of denomination, geographic region, culture or ministry should have in a capital campaign:

1. Maximum Dollars

  • Capital campaigns are not about the money, but why are maximum dollars so important?

  • Because maximum dollars allow you to facilitate more of what God is doing and wants to do in your church.

2. Maximum Participation

  • If you read 1 Chronicles 28 and 29, you see that successful capital campaigns are spiritual journeys of generosity, not fundraisers.

  • You want as many people participating in the campaign as possible because if they do their lives will be changed as they trust Jesus through a season of sacrifice.

3. Expanded Leadership Base

  • Regardless of what your project is, you are ultimately taking your church through a capital campaign so that ministry can expand and impact more lives.

  • However, as you seek to expand your ministry you will need more people to make that ministry happen, so we encourage you to leverage the capital campaign as a time to onboard new leaders into serving roles.

  • Otherwise, you will experience initial expansion and then contraction.

4. Personal Stories or Testimonies of What God Did During the Campaign

  • Ten years from now, your people likely will not remember how much they gave in your capital campaign.  

  • However, they will never forget what God did in their lives as they trusted him through a season of sacrifice.

Finally, please know we would be honored to come alongside you and assist in this process.

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