, 6 Questions To Ask When Preparing A Special Offering

As a ministry leader, you understand the significance of preparing your congregation to give. It’s a time when you can speak about the church’s mission and vision, and encourage your people to support generously.

When preparing your ministry for a special offering we’ve found these 6 questions help you plan effectively: 
  1. What will the money from this special offering be used for?
  2. How much money are you hoping will be given?
  3. When does the church need the money?
  4. What is the specific date for this special offering?
  5. When is the last chance for people to participate in the special offering?
  6. What will you do to celebrate the generosity of your church?

These questions cover an array of areas to be planned before the offering itself: vision, financial goal, timeline, the giving moment, and how your ministry will celebrate the generosity of those in your church. 


As Proverbs 21:5 states, ‘The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.’ Ensure your ministry walks into this specific season of giving with a thorough plan. 

To help you navigate this opportunity effectively, we’ve created a Special Offering Checklist—a comprehensive resource designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed for a successful special offering response. Click here to get your free resource.

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