An Innovative Way To Take Advantage Of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) at Your Church


Here at INJOY Stewardship Solutions, we are committed to helping you resource the God-given vision for your church. If your church has employees, this can be extremely valuable information for your church.

Watch the video linked below to see how your church may be missing out on thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of dollars in wages paid to employees during the pandemic.

Learn more about the ERC at your church

Have you heard of the ERC – The Employee Retention Credit? Well, it could mean thousands of dollars in wages you have paid to employees during the pandemic are eligible to be reimbursed to your church!

The ERC was created as part of the CARES Act (which also created the first round of PPP). Now, the credit is a little complex, but with the help of your finance team and your payroll services provider, you should be able to swiftly determine eligibility and apply for the credit. Thousands of churches applied for and received this credit! Our organization applied for this credit also and received a massive credit.

In our conversations with many pastors, we’ve seen that many of them have not applied for the credit. They didn’t even know it was available! Others have been told, incorrectly, that their church is not eligible. Still others are being charged large amounts of money or a percentage of the credit itself!

Together, our CEO, Joseph Sangl and Matt Sams, the CFO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, sat down to help church leaders do three things:

  1. Determine their eligibility

  2. Offer practical next steps your church can take

  3. Provide articles and resources

Here are the Top 4 Questions answered in the webinar linked above:

1. What makes a church eligible for the ERC?

If your organization was either partially or fully shut down due to a government-ordered shutdown (MOST, IF NOT ALL CHURCHES!) OR your organization’s revenue was down at least 50% in any given quarter in 2020.

2. Does the church have to have employees to be eligible for the ERC?

Does your organization pay taxes for these employees? Then yes!

3.What if the church received PPP (Payroll Protection Program) Funds?

If your church received PPP, the wages paid that are eligible for the credit are the wages paid in excess of the PPP funds (in other words, you paid out more money in the quarter than you received in PPP assistance).

4.Will this credit be automatically provided to the church OR does the church have to apply for the credit?

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your church MUST apply for this credit. It will not be processed automatically for you.


After you watch the webinar (linked here!), you’ll receive our Top 4 Resources to help you navigate the ERC for your church! May your church be fully funded!

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