Annual Giving

A Solution to Increase Your Annual Giving Does your church need more money for more ministry?

How can INJOY Stewardship Solutions’ Annual Giving help your church?

INJOY Stewardship Solutions will partner with your church to help assess, implement, and improve your stewardship systems so you see consistent increases in annual giving, year after year.

What's Included?
  • 12-Month Partnership
  • Financial Analysis
  • Stewardship Team Video Training
  • Stewardship Consultant

Does your church need to increase giving?

Our team works with you in a 12-month partnership, via virtual and on-site meetings, that is focused on developing a customized annual stewardship plan, resulting in a more generous culture and higher level of giving, helping to ensure the church’s vision is fully funded.

What is the Annual Giving process? Assess | Implement | Improve

Annual giving systems have become increasingly complex. Our experts will help walk you through 10 giving systems that will ensure your church's giving matches your church's vision.

  • Preaching System
  • Communication System
  • Digital Giving System
  • First-Time Giver System
  • High-Capacity Giver System
  • Special Offerings System
  • Stewardship Education System
  • Weekly Services System
  • Year-End System
  • Evaluation System
What others are saying

Bishop Walter Scott Thomas

INJOY Stewardship Solutions was able to wed our goals with their stewardship skills to create a plan that has helped us grow financially and build a stronger and more spiritual congregation.


Michael Skor

The #1 reason we chose INJOY Stewardship Solutions and the #1 value each team member held true to during our process is that our focus is to build mature disciples, not raise finances.

Why do you need a partner to help with your Annual Giving?

The INJOY Stewardship Solutions’ consulting team will walk your church through a 10-step assessment process to implement and improve all your church’s existing stewardship solutions.   

At the end of our 12-month partnership your church will have established the necessary systems to grow your giving and your givers. 


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Case Study
Pastor Mike Popenhagen
Radiant Church
Jackson, MI

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