Can Digital Giving Help Your Church Exceed Budget?


Several years ago a study was conducted of over 1,000 churches to discover how many were below, meeting, or exceeding budget.

The results were startling!

  • 80% were below budget. That’s right – 4 of every 5 churches could not even do the minimum of what God was asking them to do because of a lack of funding.

  • 14% met budget. However, these churches still had no margin to do anything unexpected God might call them to do. In fact, they were broke!

  • Only 6% exceeded budget. Less than 1 out of 10 churches.

The study then dove into the 6% of churches to discover what common threads might exist.

The Common Denominator – Online Giving

The #1 thing churches did to exceed budget was prioritize, promote, and have a documented system for digital giving. 

December is clearly the most important month for exceeding budget because of year-end giving.

While a successful year-end strategy is vital to exceeding your church’s annual budget, I would like to make the argument for the two months of April and May.

Yes, April and May.

Why? Because summer was coming. 

If a family’s giving is automated, then vacations, leisure, and travel sports will affect only attendance patterns, not giving patterns or the ability to deliver ministry.

Furthermore, digital giving was found to be the #1 item which prevents a giving slump.

To help you maximize digital giving at your church, we have created an Online Giving Toolkit that is a must-have for church leaders.

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