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Case Study A Church’s Follow Thru on God’s Call and Their Campaign


Skip Allen

The History

Hope Community Church has a detailed history right here. Their story starts in 1908 with Second Baptist Church. The other half of the history starts in January of 2012, when Element church of Forest City, NC, started a Shelby Campus.

Eventually in 2016 these two congregations merged into one forming Hope Community Church.

In 2018 the church started to feel God’s call to reach more of Cleveland County and out of this began the vision for becoming one church in multiple locations. That was the call from God to launch the Upper Cleveland campus.

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Project & Goal

Facility for their Upper Cleveland Campus and playground at Shelby Campus.

Hope Community Church’s financial goal was $1,250,000

Biggest Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was whether what they raised would be enough to cover the cost
increase in construction

God moved in a miraculous way and provided them a cost that was less than the original
quote. God honors movement!

We would have never had the response from our financial leaders that we had if we hadn’t utilized the strategy INJOY Stewardship laid out for us.

Pastor Skip Allen

The Miracles and Results

We always tell our churches that when they get close to the target, they will receive a lot of fire from the enemy. This was definitely the case for Hope Community Church. A lot of warfare to the point of pretty deep discouragement and second guessing.

We encouraged them to press in and move forward and God honored their faithfulness in the face of adversity, and they have seen multiple wins along the way.

On a goal of $1,250,000 Hope Community Church saw $1,488,546 raised to move their

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