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Case Study Faith-Fueled Growth: The Story of Pathway Community Church

Lead Pastor Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller

Brief History

Pathway Community Church’s roots trace back to 2016 when it was planted in Marietta, OH. Initially meeting in a business park with limited seating, the congregation struggled to grow. In 2019, they decided to move out and began meeting in a school, averaging around 190 attendees each week. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, they were forced to leave the school and faced uncertainty about the future of their church plant. Despite these challenges, they remained resilient, driven by their unwavering faith and determination.

The Plan

In August 2020, an incredible opportunity presented itself—the chance to rent a church building. Pathway seized the opportunity and began meeting there, eventually purchasing the building by December of the same year. The impact was transformative, as the church experienced rapid growth.

However, they soon realized that their newfound growth required a larger facility. That’s when Pathway partnered with our team at INJOY Stewardship to devise a strategic plan. Together, they set their sights on renovating the North Hills Bowling Lanes and transforming it into their new church home—a vision that would become their rallying cry.

Miracles & Results

As Pathway Community Church embarked on its capital campaign, it faced the challenge of finding a suitable building. Just when it seemed impossible, a bowling alley in their town unexpectedly became available. Through divine inspiration, lead pastor, Ryan received an idea that ultimately led to securing the deal. Miraculously, the owner agreed to their offer, providing financing with a 0% interest rate over ten years. This miracle unfolded just weeks before its Dream Big Campaign launch, setting the stage for an incredible journey.

The campaign brought its share of challenges, with internal conflicts testing their resolve. However, they overcame these obstacles through the guidance and support of their campaign consultant from INJOY Stewardship. Their congregation rallied together in an awe-inspiring manner, surpassing their financial goals.

“The biggest cultural shift has been in our leaders.  We all learned that God truly does own the cattle on a thousand hills.  We learned that we can step out in faith and that the Lord will meet us.  I’m so grateful for the lessons”

Pastor Ryan Miller

The campaign raised an astonishing $722,000 in pledges, exceeding their initial target of $700,000. Additionally, the first-fruits offering brought in over $181,000—a testament to the faith and generosity of their congregation. Pathway Community Church had over 107 giving units to the campaign, which is remarkable considering its average Sunday attendance is around 325 people.

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