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Case Study How a 1-Year Old Church Raised Over $3,000,000 Million For Kingdom Work!


Joe Snyder

Skippack, PA

Brief History

At the time of partnering with INJOY Stewardship Next Community Church was only a 1 year old independent church.

The Plan

Next Community Church was

In just over 1 year’s time we’ve gone from $30,000 in our accounts to over $300,000.

Mike Popenhagen, Radiant Church

Our Miracles

• In just over 1 year’s time we’ve gone from $30,000 in our accounts to over $300,000.

• Last week we met with the bank and we’re moving forward with our 2 million-plus project. (The bank said they couldn’t believe we’ve done this in a year’s time.)

• Also, our church is zoned office space. This means we cannot build without rezoning. Our architect suggested asking for a variance from the zoning board. We did.

  • The vote to grant a variance was last Thursday (4/12/2018). We were granted our variance, which means we do not have to rezone.
  • After the meeting, the architect told me “I have been doing this for 20 years… And in 20 years I have never seen a variance granted!!!!” It was a miracle.

This is God’s dream, His church and I am humbled He’s invited me to be a part of the miracle He’s doing in Jackson, MI.

We’re grateful for our partnership with INJOY Stewardship. God has used their wisdom to help us share our vision in a way that did not puncture the momentum or lose our DNA.

We’re looking forward to breaking ground. Hopefully this summer.

If you would like to see the facility Radiant Church is building (along with the church that referred them to INJOY Stewardship – Victory Life), check out our newest resource that features their building project, The Modern Church Facility: A photo journal of four new church building projects.

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