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Case Study Two Campaigns In 3 Years & $1.4M Over Goal


Neil Eaton

Plymouth, MA

Brief History

New Hope Chapel is a growing and thriving non-denominational church in Plymouth, MA. Founded by Pastor Neil Eaton in 2002, this congregation quickly began to grow from meeting in Living Rooms to a weekly attendance of more than 500. Having grown out of every facility they have owned, they were being called to a larger place to call home. 

The Plan

Not knowing the exact location of their new facility, they struggled with “How do we ask the people to give when we don’t know where we are going?”. They had their eye on raw land but also looked at a closed grocery store that could be converted nicely into a church. Different members of the congregation were split on one property or the other bringing even more stress to the leadership’s decision. Nevertheless, in 2019 they launched a campaign.

Our Miracles

With a goal of $800,000 the people stepped up and a shocking $1.6 million was given. God quickly honored their movement and in 2020 He opened the door for them to purchase 12 acres of property.

At the close of their 24 month giving initiative they did not yet have the money to build. They needed a lot more money to secure construction but struggled with, “How do we ask the people for a second campaign when we haven’t even yet put a shovel in the ground?”. In addition, there was murmuring about a coming recession. 

They quickly realized that God calls them to move in what seems like the most inconvenient times. The last campaign was during a global pandemic. This one might be in an economic recession, but Gods economy is not dictated by man’s economy!

They launched their second campaign in 2022 with a goal of $1,000,000. Once again God moved and another $1,600,000 was given/committed!

There are now busy conversations between the architect, the builders and lending institutions. The concrete is about to be poured, the steel is about to be erected, and Gods Kingdom is once again advancing, in New England, an area where many say it’s impossible to see miracles like this.

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