5 Trends of Successful Capital Campaigns


For my money, Chad Aukland is the finest church capital campaign consultant in America.

When you look at the amount of money being raised for ministry, the lives which are being transformed in his church partnerships, and the deep friendships he makes with pastors, God simply has his hand on this man.

Recently, Chad, who serves as the Director of Consulting for INJOY Stewardship Solutions, sat down with co-worker Matthew Garrison to provide intellectual capital that helps pastors and church leaders.

During their time together, Chad identified 5 Trends Of Churches Doing A Great Job At Raising Money.

Below are the key points, along with supporting comments, from Chad.

“Those are not INJOY’s results. Those results are because God is working on behalf of these ministries and showing the favor that only God can show them.” – Chad

1) Churches that do a great job at raising money focus on the spiritual journey

  • They ask the congregation to do three things – 1) to connect with God, 2) connect with Him in such a way that you hear from Him, 3) (and the most difficult) to obey.

  • Nothing great ever happened for God in Scripture apart from tremendous sacrifice.

  • It’s all about transformation. It’s not about transaction.

  • Everything we do is rooted in a biblical blueprint found in I Chronicles 28 and 29.

2) Churches that do a great job at raising money have unified and committed leadership

  • The dreams churches have often outpace their resources.

  • If the leaders are on board, the crowd they’re leading will follow.

  • The vision communication starts with a small group of leaders, and gradually expands.

  • If the leaders own the vision and are all unified in the direction they are going, dissension doesn’t stand a chance.

  • God honors unified leadership.

3) Churches that do a great job at raising money have clear and uniform vision casting

  • Vision must have three characteristics: Clear, Crisp, and Compelling.

    • Clear: It can be communicated just as easily by someone on the front row as someone in the back.

    • Crisp: It needs to be boiled down to a tweet-able statement.

    • Compelling: It has to make someone want to move and be a part.

  • The campaign helps the church grow closer to accomplishing the overall vision of the church.

4) Churches that Do a Great Job at Raising Money Value Consulting

  • Deuteronomy 32:30 is clear when it says, ‘One can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight.’ We’re stronger together.

  • “The beginning of wisdom is to get wisdom. Whatever it costs get wisdom.” Proverbs 4:7

  • We do customized capital campaigns. One of our core values is we value innovation. Yesterday’s methods don’t always address today’s needs.

  • People are not looking to be out another night of the week. You have to go to them.

5) Churches that do a great job at raising money value and utilize data

  • God is a God of order. He’s not a God of chaos.

  • Numbers don’t lie. They help accurately assess exactly where your church is at, and plan accordingly.

  • You have to set a goal. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.

  • The Commitment Date is not the finish line. It is the starting line.

  • You can’t spend a pledge card. You must have a plan to collect and analyze the campaign’s data, and then, craft a plan to ensure all of the dollars committed comes in to the church.

As you can see, the content Chad is providing can transform your church.

This post is written by INJOY Stewardship’s Director of New Ministry Partnerships, Brian Dodd. For more great insight on generosity, leadership, and more, check out his website briandoddonleadership.com.

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