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What is Fully Funded Life?

Fully Funded Life is an online membership community created to equip churches with tools to disciple their people in personal finance and biblical stewardship.  We utilize financial courses, challenges, community, and coaching to help church congregations view and respond to their finances from a biblical perspective. 

What is offered through Fully Funded Life?

  • Launch Assistance
  • Promotional Materials
  • Courses
  • Challenges
  • Coaching
  • Community
  • Financial Tools

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What is our ultimate goal for churches that participate in Fully Funded Life?

We want to provide pastors and church leaders with practical discipleship tools to equip their members with continual, ongoing personal finance resources so that they can view and respond to their money from a biblical perspective. 


We are passionate about helping people experience far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  From purchase to preparation to launch to follow thru, we walk with you to ensure that your church has the support you need. Our Fully Funded Life Coordinator is there to help the individuals from your church to receive encouragement along their journey. 

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