How A Church With No Prior Capital Campaign Experience Exceeded Its Goal By $400k.


Church: More Life Church – Newark, OH

Project: Facility Expansion

Goal: $500,000

Amount Raised: $890,000

In 2016, More Life Church was completely out of space.

Their children’s space was filled to maximum capacity, their youth space was cramped, and their sanctuary was practically overflowing, so they needed to expand their current facilities.

However, Pastor Josh Pennington and his staff had absolutely no experience raising money. They had never done a capital campaign before, but they were facing an incredibly urgent need to raise a significant amount of money.

So, Josh reached out to INJOY Stewardship and asked for help.

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Josh and his team were incredibly receptive to the coaching INJOY Stewardship provided and More Life Church followed the process our consulting team laid out with extreme diligence.

As a result of their diligence, faith, and sacrifice, More Life Church saw God do immeasurably more than anything they expected.  

Their original commitment goal was set at $500,000, but they exceeded that by almost $400,000.

Two years into their capital campaign, they’ve already received cash totaling over $500,000, and are on pace to receive their total pledges of over $890,000.  

Although they had no prior capital campaign experience, Pastor Josh and his team created an amazing vision for More Life Church and a phenomenal experience for their people.

God has done exceedingly and abundantly more than all they could ask or imagine, and More Life Church is proof God can do unbelievable things in our churches when we take bold steps of FAITH and ask for HELP when we need it.

To view a 3D Flythrough of their facility that celebrates how much money they were able to raise in the first year of the campaign, check out this video!

To see some comparisons of what the facility looked like before, and what it will look like after the renovations, check out these photos!  

Front of the church, before and after:

front before1

Back of the church, before and after:

back before2

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