How Inflation Can (and probably will) Affect Your Church


The nation’s rising inflation is going to impact your church in a lot of ways.

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At the start of 2022, 64% of the U.S. population was living paycheck to paycheck according to a LendingClub report. That means a lot of people are already struggling to meet their financial commitments, and there’s no reason to think that will change anytime soon—especially if inflation continues at its current pace.

But, there are things YOU can do as a church leader to help prepare for this so that you can continue to grow and accomplish God’s vision for your church. Here are some of the ways inflation is going to impact your church, and action steps you can take to combat the impact on your church, your staff, and your members.

Staff Salaries Won’t Go As Far

Many of your staff are going to be impacted by the increased cost of inflation.

  • What systems can make you more efficient?

  • What can you outsource?

  • What software can you use?

  • How can you help your staff with practical money management skills?

Action step: Offer raises where possible and merited

Your Salary Won’t Go As Far

Pastor, your salary also won’t go as far. Have you noticed the increase in prices in stores, gas stations, and products hit your wallet?

  • Reduce living costs and reduce debt

  • Live with a budget

  • Build and maintain margin

Action Step: Take steps to maximize every dollar you receive

Action Step: Address issues with your board

How Inflation Will Impact Your Church

Members’ Salaries Won’t Go As Far

If you and your staff are being affected, you know your church members are also being affected by the increase in prices. How can you help your church members maximize their dollars and what effect will this have on giving to your church?

  • Offer practical money management classes and encourage your congregation to live by Biblical Money principles

Action Step: Address this from the platform – let the congregation know you recognize inflation is a challenge they are facing

Action Step: Provide help with practical money management skills

Ministry Costs Will Go Up

Has the price of goldfish for the children’s ministry gone up in your area? There are other costs in ministry that will increase as well:

  • Supplies

  • Utilities

  • Debt Obligations

  • Missions Work

Action Step: Make adjustments to the church budget to accommodate for increases.

Action Step: Work on an Annual Giving Plan to help increase giving to accommodate for increases

Faith Can Waver

You can feel like you’ve missed the opportunity…

  • …that low-interest rates are gone, therefore your opportunity to expand went away too

  • …that building costs are ridiculous, there you can’t take the step of faith to build right now

  • …that your church’s debt needs to be eliminated, but believe that no one will give to pay off debt

  • …that you need to launch a new campus, but the cost is prohibitive

Well, my friend, many other pastors have felt the very same way! In fact, around a year ago, Pastor Jeff felt the exact same way you do right now. They needed to build a new worship center. God was clearly leading them to take this step. Yet, building costs were ridiculous, COVID was still spiking, and everyone was facing unpredictable futures.

They felt the exact same way you are feeling right now!

But they allowed God to order their steps. They sought wise counsel. In fact, Pastor Jeff reached out to INJOY Stewardship Solutions for outside counsel. In hesitating steps of faith, we embarked together on a spiritual journey and trusted God’s leading.

And let me tell you, pastor, let me tell you what Pastor Jeff found. He found out God was faithful to what He had led them to embark upon. In the midst of a pandemic, God’s people committed more than enough to build their new facility! But that’s not all! New attendance records are being broken almost weekly. Life change is taking place daily. Revival has broken out!

So, yes indeed, inflation is present.

However, God is bigger than the economy! His economy is rock solid. His is for the vision, and if he is FOR THE VISION, don’t you wholeheartedly believe that He will send PROVISION?

Church leader friends, let me say one more time how much of an honor it is to serve you in this challenging area of stewardship. Every day, I remind our team that we are involved in Kingdom Work. We exist to be a friend to pastors and help them see their God-given vision become fully funded.

We want to help set you up for the next decade of ministry and be your trusted stewardship partner for the next decade of ministry!

Click Here to Speak to a Member of Our Team about how we can help you strategize ways to help fund the vision God has placed in your heart, to help your staff navigate the church’s budget, to help eliminate debt to free up more money for ministry, and to help your congregation WIN with their money, so they are able to give freely unto the Lord.

Thank you for what you do every single day. You are heroes doing eternal work.


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