How to Fund a Project That’s Outside of Your Church’s Budget


What do you do when your church needs to raise money for something BIG, but it falls outside of your church’s annual operating budget?

We would recommend that you launch a capital campaign.

A campaign can be a defining moment in the life of a church but also a defining moment in a pastor’s leadership.

Nothing will test your leadership and grow your faith like leading your church through a major fundraising initiative.

Ebook: How to Raise Big Money for Big Projects

Raising big money will also allow your church to make a more significant impact on your community.

That new building can be a place where the next generation gathers to worship Jesus, retired debt can be reallocated to community ministry, and a step of financial faith can propel a church to healthy growth.

But in order to see these kinds of results, you must make sure that your capital campaign meets four requirements.

Each point of criteria is equally important and can lead to success or failure in your campaign, but we want to make sure you succeed.

We’ve created an ebook called How to Raise Big Money for Big Projects that walks you through the four requirements of a successful capital campaign, and we want you to have it for free.

If your church is in the place where you need to raise BIG money for a BIG project, this resource is for you.

Download your copy today and begin the journey of seeing your vision become FULLY FUNDED.

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