How to Increase Generosity in Your Church This Year


How do you measure how generous your church is?

Is it the amount of time, talent, or treasure your people give to serve the needs of your church and community?

The answer to the second question is, YES, but time and talent can be tough to measure.

What is not difficult to measure is how generous people are with their treasure, which is ironic because it is the most challenging resource for people to give.

But one of the components of building a generous church culture is creating an ever-increasing culture of generosity.   

If you want to see your church’s culture of generosity go to another level this year, you must create what we call a “Funding Plan.”

What is a Funding Plan?

A funding plan is the written course of action your church is going to follow over the next year to see financial generosity increase in the hearts and lives of your people.

You design it by using nine different “Systems of Generosity” to serve both the spiritual and financial needs of your people.

Three of these systems are:

  1. Personal Finance Ministries

  2. Weekly Offering Talks

  3. First-Time Giver Systems

9 Ways to Increase Generosity – eBook

In 25 years of serving churches in the area of personal stewardship, regular giving, and sacrificial giving, we have realized that a church’s funding plan will either be determined by DESIGN or by DEFAULT.

Which means, your culture of generosity will not go to another level on accident.

You must intentionally lead it there.

2 Things You Can Do

If you want to see an increase in your church’s culture of generosity this year, you need to do two things:

  1. Learn about the nine systems of generosity we referenced earlier — you can do that HERE.

  2. Create a funding plan that explicitly lists when you are going to implement these systems.

The churches who are able to increase their culture of generosity are those who intentionally design and implement effective funding plans.

To learn how you can design a funding plan that works for your church, download our new eBook: Nine Ways to Increase Generosity in Your Church This Year.

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