Using Vision to Maximize Funding


Since 1992, we have had the blessing of helping churches raise significant money.

In fact, we have helped pastors and church leaders with more than 4,000 capital campaigns, raising more than $4 billion for Kingdom impact.

Through these campaigns, we have seen time and time again, the most important ingredient of a fully-funded vision is the vision itself.

A successful capital campaign is a vision-driven campaign.

So, let’s talk about the vision God has for your church.

3 Qualities of a God-given Vision

1) It’s Clear

Do people understand the vision?

Does it make sense to them?

Ask ten different people about the vision of the church.

Their responses will help you clearly understand if the vision is clear.

Imagine Devotional

2) It’s Compelling

Does the vision connect people’s hearts to the heart of God?

Is it urgent?

Is it vital?

Are church members drawn to it?

Does it move them to participate?

3) It’s Crisp

Is the vision concise?

Is it repeatable?

If a member from your church encounters an unchurched friend at Starbucks, and is asked what type of church they attend, could they answer in a crisp manner?

A good test to determine if your church has a crisp vision is if the vision could be Tweeted.

So here’s the question: 

What is your church’s vision?

Does your congregation know why your church exists?

A clear, compelling, and crisp vision helps people connect to God’s heart, and what He wants to accomplish through your church.

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