How to Plan a Special Year-End Offering


Are you planning to do a year-end giving push at your church?

If so, we have some important tips to make sure that you are able to maximize your year-end giving campaign and start off the new year on the right foot.

Remember, you never have to recover from a great start!

“In the presence of many special offerings, none of them will be special.”

How Many “Special Offerings” Should Your Church Have?

Some churches have ten, fifteen or even twenty special offerings every year.

This poses a problem because it allows people to pick and choose which ministries they would like to contribute to and those they do not want to give to.

Including these “special” offerings into your church’s annual budget will ensure that all of the ministries have funds available and when you are ready to conduct a special offering, it will truly be special.

The Natural Time for a Special Offering

Once you have people participating in regular giving, you can plan to have a special offering.

A natural time to conduct one of these offerings is during the Christmas season as a year-end offering.

In 6 Steps to Plan a Year-End Offering, INJOY Stewardship’s President & CEO, Joe Sangl, shares everything your church will need to accomplish a successful year-end giving push.

These six steps are simple, practical and crucial to making sure you end the year strong and start the new year off well.

Check out this on-demand video today, and ensure you have do not miss anything during your special year-end offering this year.

Year End Giving Tips

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