Church Social Media – Strategies and Tips



There is a good chance you either left Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to read this post or you are heading there once you are finished.

We are an online, social media culture.

I recently heard a statistic that if you took all the information a pastor writes online in a year, it would equal the amount of content contained in a book.

There are 2.32 billion people worldwide actively using Facebook.

326 million people are actively on Twitter. Instagram has over 400 million users!

Simply put, the world is using social media.

More to the point, those in your church are on social media.

Therefore, it is vital pastors and churches learn how to win at social media.

This is why the team at INJOY Stewardship Solutions created a FREE resource entitled How To Win At Church Social Media.

This ebook will give you the tools and strategies needed to connect with those online.

Complimentary Ebook: How To Win at Church Social Media

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