25 Leadership Quotes and Lessons From Efrem Smith


The following is a post from Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Partnerships and can also be found on his site: BrianDoddOnLeadership.com.

For the next two days I will attending The Gathering Conference

The Gathering happens every four years and is chance for the finest Wesleyan pastors in America to gather and discuss today’s leadership issues. 

I will be representing INJOY Stewardship Solutions and while here will be bringing you some of the quality leadership content provided.

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The evenings plenary speaker was Efrem Smith

Efrem is a consultant, speaker, author and co-lead pastor of Bayside Church Midtown, a thriving and multi-ethnic community. 

He is passionate about life transformation, racial righteousness, thriving churches and community development.

Efrem Smith Quotes

The following are 25 Leadership Quotes And Lesson From Efrem Smith I captured from his incredible session on stopping and dying to ourselves:

  1. When you are in a rushed, busy world the last thing you want to do is stop.

  2. Stopping is not preventing me from what I’m called to do.

  3. Maybe stopping is a blessing.

  4. We need to stop to discover the love God has for us.

  5. In your true identity you are loved by God as you are.

  6. We are not of this world.

  7. The world does not know us because we are not of us this world.

  8. The world does not recognize you. But that’s OK.

  9. My citizenship is in another place.

  10. We need to stop in the name of love to discover our love for one another.

  11. Sin brought dysfunction.

  12. We should give God glory through a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, Christ-centered mosaic.

  13. From the beginning we were made to be beloved and love one another well.

  14. We need to stop and discover a love that unleashes compassion and justice.

  15. Kingdom justice comes out of the overflow of love and humility.

  16. Sustained anger rooted in deep unforgiveness doesn’t produce Kingdom justice.

  17. We know how to address racism and sexism.

  18. Busyness and rushing ministry might be breaking the heart of God.

  19. The most revolutionary thing God did is when God stopped.

  20. There was a day when the whole world got dark and Jesus stopped on the cross.

  21. The day God stopped, love moved.

  22. If God stopped, you and I ought to stop.

  23. Jesus laid down His life and you and I ought to lay down our lives.

  24. There are some things we’ve got to die to before we preach.

  25. There are some things we’ve got to die to before we pray.

What an amazing way to start the event!

Make sure you check back tomorrow evening as the plenary speaking is none other than my spiritual hero, Dr. John Maxwell!

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