How to Thank Your Pastor


Are you looking for the right words to tell your pastor(s) just how thankful you are for them?

You’re always grateful for your pastor(s) and the hard work they continuously put into your church but October is an exceptionally special month to be grateful.

But why? Because October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

We know that finding the right words to say to someone who does so much can be difficult.

That is why, Brian Dodd here at INJOY Stewardship Solutions, has crafted the words for you. These words come from Brian’s book: Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices of Apex Leaders.

Your leadership can read this excerpt during a weekend worship service to honor your pastor and/or staff throughout the month.

Pastor Appreciation Script

Make sure you download your copy of the script so that you can let your pastor know just how much you truly appreciate all the hard work they do.

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