Why Are Millennials Not Giving To Our Church?


Why are millennials not giving to our church?

If your church is engaging millennials in your weekend services, you have definitely asked this question.

But who answered it? Was it a millennial? 

There is so much content being produced on why millennials are not giving and how to communicate with them on the matter of stewardship, but little to none of this content is coming FROM the perspective of a millennial

The Millennial Handbook

So when we were forming the concept for The Ship – INJOY Stewardship’s new leadership podcast – we decided to dedicate a segment of each episode to allow actual church-going millennials the opportunity to share their thoughts on the topic of stewardship

Our goal with this portion of the podcast is not to just give you solutions that will help engage millennials in your church’s giving strategy but to help you understand THEIR perspective on all things stewardship. 

The contributors to this portion of The Ship are all team members at INJOY Stewardship, so they are extremely well-versed in the areas of church leadership, stewardship, and WHY millennials give to their churches. 

In Episode 1 of The Ship, we interviewed Pastor Marty Schmidt – a tremendous millennial leader – on how your personal stewardship journey impacts your ability to lead others well.

Then our panel of millennials discusses WHY it’s important for pastors to engage young people on the topic of stewardship and HOW to do this well. 

If you want to learn how to increase millennial participation in your church’s giving, listen to Episode 1 of The Ship


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