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Donors have easy access to digital giving on their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.  Donors control their gifts with privacy and security.  Furthermore, your ministry has full control of management and reporting controls, which allows for ease-of-use total confidence in the solution. 

What's Included?
  • Giving with Consulting
  • Integration and Reporting
  • Lower Fees
  • Path to Zero Fees

More Giving and More Savings

Our Online Giving provides a critical bridge between ministries/organizations and the complex, often predatory world of digital transaction processing. Because our goal is the advancement of the Kingdom, we offer the lowest possible rates and fees to ensure that ministries have the greatest net revenue. Usually 20-30% lower than those available through other merchant service providers.


  • Compared to Vanco, Stripe, PayPay, PushPay, Givelify, and Tithely a loss of $4,500/year and $13,500 loss for 3 years. Savings with GiveInJoy would be 23%.

  • Compared to EasyTithe, a loss of $4,800/year or $14,400 loss for 3 years. Savings with GiveInJoy would be 25%.

  • Compared to Clover, a loss of $6,000/year or $18,000 loss for 3 years. Savings with GiveInJoy would be 29%.

  • Compared to Square, a loss of $7,200/year or $21,600 loss for 3 years. Savings with GiveInJoy would be 33%.

  • Compared to SecureGive, a loss of $9,000/year or $27,000 loss for 3 years. Savings with GiveInJoy would be 38%.

Our Online Giving Advantage

  • Simple To Use
  • Easy for Donors
  • Lower Fees
  • Security
  • Expert Guidance
  • Online, Text, In-Person, and More
What others are saying

Duane Kay

I consider INJOY Stewardship Solutions to be a partner in ministry that is Christ-centered and kingdom-minded. I strongly believe that partnership with INJOY is one of the best relationships that a pastor/church can have in ministry.

Why do you need a partner to help with your Online Giving?

So more can know Christ

With access to virtually all digital giving options including online, onsite, mobile, social, in-kind, and event, INJOY Stewardship Online Giving offers ministries every channel for donations. And with our Charitable Rewards© referral program, ministries can even generate bonus income to completely offset their fees and more.

By helping churches get more and net more, we raise resources for Kingdom work, increase engagement, promote healthy discipleship, and ultimately help more people know Christ. That's what INJOY Stewardship Online Giving is all about.


Success Story Hear Amy Sipple of Piner Baptist Church in Morning View, KY experience

INJOY Online Giving has been a great asset for our church. Our online giving has increased, and it proved very beneficial to have in place during the pandemic. Our giving did not go down at all! This system has allowed our team to focus our time on other parts of our ministry.

Case Study
Pastor Mike Popenhagen
Radiant Church
Jackson, MI

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