The Renovation Church Story – Preparing In The Present, Anticipating Ministry Growth!

renovation church

Planted in 2019, the team at Renovation Church has kept a focus on adaptability! Pastor Kody and his team identified the need for a church in Nashville to reach 25-45 year olds and launched right before the pandemic. 

Knowing, that God was calling Renovation Church to the next step, Pastor Kody focused on preparing his leaders and church for the next year of growth. Not waiting for growth to happen next year, but anticipating that growth would be happening and preparing for it in PRESENT!

Planting a church in the midst of a pandemic, Renovation Church stayed open to adaptability. Even in its young stages, the pandemic allowed for a season of review. Identifying why and how the church operates in a variety of systems to serve its congregation and community. 

“Systems are important. But systems serve people, not for people to serve the system.”  

– Pastor Kody Woodard

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Pastor Kody and his staff implemented a strategy of developing leaders built on the church’s foundation of partnership and connection. God had given Renovation Church a clear call of reaching those in the 25-45 age range. And as a newly planted church, allowed Pastor Kody to identify the need to call on great business leaders in the Renovation congregation to serve their church in a larger capacity to support a variety of ministries. Thus began the process of recognizing the need for more space to do more ministry effectively. 

In meeting with INJOY Stewardship, Renovation Church decided to move forward with a capital campaign to raise 1,000,000 dollars. Pastor Kody called on his church to step boldly in their faith through generosity and they raised a commitment total of $1,070,000 dollars.

Of the 145 giving units at Renovation Church, 124 participated in their giving initiative!

“90% of our congregation participated in the initiative, which was our conversation the whole time that it wasn’t about equal gifts but equal sacrifice.”

– Pastor Kody Woodard

Are you in a season of preparation? Is God calling your ministry into its next step? Our team is passionate about seeing the kingdom move further in mission and helping churches accomplish far more than they ever thought possible! 

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