Six Key Questions to Ask If You’re Preparing for a Capital Campaign


One of the greatest struggles pastor’s face is determining whether or not their church is ready to embark on a major giving initiative.

The following questions will provide your leadership team with a great starting point in determining your church’s campaign readiness:

1) Is this the right timing?

Pastor Joshua Harris says, “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.”

Granted, Josh was talking about dating and relationships when he said this, but it’s equally applicable to churches considering capital campaigns.

  • Are the people ready, focused, and sensing a fulfillment of ministry?

  • Are your church’s resources ready?

  • Are there short-term, unresolved staff, ministry, or relationship issues?

2) What is the vision?

Vision clarity is the number one determining factor in a campaign’s success.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

INJOY Stewardship Founder, Dr. John C. Maxwell, has added, “Without money, the vision perishes.”

Ask yourself the following questions about the vision you are preparing to cast for the upcoming campaign: 

  • Is the vision clear, concise, and compelling?

  • Does the vision involve the elements of faith, courage, and risk?

  • Is it relevant?

  • Does it have wholehearted support?

3) What is the project?

This is where you get to have a little fun.

  • Is the project defined?

  • Is it urgent and/or compelling?

  • Will the project change lives and challenge people invest, give, and/or sacrifice?

Dr. Maxwell again says, “Leader’s touch a heart before they ever ask for a hand.”

4) What is your capacity?

  • Do you anticipate notable financial commitment?

  • Are there enough regular giving units?

One way to understand your financial capacity is through INJOY’s Financial Analysis tool.

Every church is different, and every church’s need is unique.

Our in-depth Financial Analysis allows us to see into your church’s giving culture, and equips us to guide you towards the right solution.

Another question to ask is if there is widespread leadership support, both publicly, and privately, at all levels.

BY the time you get ready to begin your campaign, you’ll need your leaders to be prepared and ready to answer questions.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Campaign Partner

5) What are your measurable foundations?

Ask yourself, and leaders, questions like: 

  • What are the ministry leader’s opportunities to use their gifts?

  • Am I being challenged to utilize my gifts/abilities?

  • Are the church family’s needs being met?

  • Do potential visitors see us as authentic and genuine?

6) Why are you here?

You will receive clarity into your vision by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • What are we here for?

  • Where are we now?

  • Who are we now?

  • Is our foundation solid?

  • Who are we here for?

  • Where have we come from? 

In order to see where your church is going, you need to see where God has brought you thus far.

His past provision is the greatest indicator of His future promises.

Understanding your ministry environment provides direction that will allow you to drive the vision all the way to the back row of your congregation, and see it fully funded!

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