, Stopping The Summer Slump: Ignite Growth & Engagement

Identify the challenges presented by the summer season in your church… maybe it’s a decline in attendance, reduced participation, or decreased giving? Imagine if your church could see a different scenario this summer filled with growth, engagement, and abundant blessings for your church community!

At INJOY Stewardship Solutions, we want to see you ignite engagement in your church this June through August by implementing strategies that are working for other church leaders and ministries.

  • Stay connected with your congregation by sending weekly emails packed with updates and gentle reminders to give generously.
  • Keep the conversation going and let your message resonate.
streamlined giving:
  • Encourage congregants to automate their gifts online, ensuring consistent support even during the summer months.
  • Simplify the giving process with a text-to-give system, providing convenience at their fingertips.
  • Leverage the power of technology to encourage online giving.
  • Implement a user-friendly online giving system that aligns seamlessly with your website.
  • Embrace popular digital platforms like CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal to cater to diverse preferences.

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engaging the congregation:
  • Make individual phone calls to congregants, providing an opportunity for personal connection, checking in on their well-being, and offering prayers.
  • Explore hosting revenue-generating activities to bridge financial gaps during the summer months.
Community Outreach:
  • Implement various community outreach initiatives, such as providing food assistance, supporting local food banks, and offering financial benevolence to those in need.
  • Engage in acts of service, including assisting the elderly, tutoring children, and supporting homeschooling efforts.
  • Plan community events like block parties, neighborhood gatherings, and movie nights to foster connections and create positive experiences.

Take charge of the summer season and defy the slump. Ignite and foster a spirit of engagement within your church! Apply these strategies, and learn more in our Stopping The Summer Slump eBook. Our team at INJOY Stewardship wants to see you maximize this summer’s potential and witness the transformative power of a thriving church community!

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