The #1 Thing That Keeps People Giving


The depth of relationship effects the depth of communication.

Jesus modeled this principle with his disciples.

He empowered 72 disciples.

He invested in 12, and He brought three into His personal highs and lows (Luke 10; Matthew 17; Matthew 26).

One of the many reasons Jesus was so good at discipleship is He was always WITH his disciples. 

The disciples spent every day watching, learning from, listening to and doing life with Jesus. 

The more Jesus spent time with his disciples, the more they knew Him, trusted Him and bought into His mission.

Jesus simply told the disciples, “Follow me.”

By merely spending time with Jesus, they became the men the Lord used to build his church and even gave their lives for Him.

So, What Can You Do?

The point is, how much time are you spending with the financial leaders in your church?

Shaking hands on a Sunday is a start but are you deeply invested in the lives of the financial leaders in your church?

Do you do life with them?

Do you sacrifice time to get to know them, to be their friend and not just ask them for something? 

People give to people first and foremost.

Sacrificing your time for financial leaders often results in them sacrificially giving to your vision.

Getting to know your financial leaders builds trust. 

Many pastors assume people know them because they see them on the platform every Sunday.

By walking with Jesus alongside the financial leaders in your church, they will grow to love you and become more passionate about reaching others. 

Also, they will continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus— which includes their generosity. 

How We Can Help You

To help you disciple your financial leaders, INJOY Stewardship has created a free resource just for you.

Discipling Your Church’s Financial Leaders

The content will make you a better leader.

Rick Warren said, “We teach what we know. We reproduce what we are.”

If you wish to see your financial leaders passionately following Jesus and wholeheartedly supporting your mission and vision, spend significant time discipling them.

As mentioned earlier, people give to people first.

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