The Most Significant (And Lasting) Piece Of A Successful Capital Campaign


There are four things that every church should want as part of its capital campaign.

We take a deep dive into all four in the video below, but there is one that stands above the rest.

What Are The Keys To a Successful Campaign?

In every capital campaign, generosity initiative, or season of giving, the most important thing a church should have is personal stories or testimonies from the members of your congregation.

Let me explain.

A changed life results from trusting God at a level never before experienced and then watching Him work in that process.

Every person should come out of this process with a story or testimony about what God did in their life when they trusted Him in a sacrificial manner.

A changed life is what outlives the giving period.

Ten years from now very few people will remember what they gave to your 2019 capital campaign.

However, they will never forget what God did in their life during the process.

Make sure you watch the video for all four.

Each plays an essential role in making changed lives happen.

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