The Biggest Question For Your People In A Capital Campaign


Recently, we interviewed our friend and current INJOY Stewardship partner, Pastor James Sunnock of Victory Life Church in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Victory Life Church has done two capital campaigns with INJOY Stewardship in the past five years, and they’ve seen God do some amazing things in their midst.

In their first campaign, they were able to retire their church’s debt completely, and in their second, they were able to raise the funds necessary to move into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

However, the biggest victory of the campaign was not the dollar amount they raised.

As Pastor James said,

“The capital campaigns took me, our leadership team, and our entire church on a spiritual journey that PROFOUNDLY changed MY relationship with Christ.

The fact that we raised money at the end really just became a bonus.”

But that statement begs the question, HOW do you make this happen in a capital campaign?

Imagine 21-Day Devotional

Here’s what Pastor James had to say:

“Our coach told us the prayer of the campaign is not to ask God about a dollar amount to give. The prayer was to sincerely go before Him and ask, ‘What is my part to expanding the Kingdom of God in my community?’

When you give God permission to speak, it will eventually, sometimes, get to a dollar amount, but there’s a whole lot more he’s concerned with that He’s waiting for his people to surrender.”

So, the most important question to ask God in a capital campaign is not, “How much money are you calling me to give?”

The most important question to ask Him is:

“What is my part to expanding the Kingdom of God in my community?”

If you lead your people to ask THAT question in a capital campaign, you will see God accomplish far more than just raising money.

He will lead your people to greater levels of freedom, healing, and intimacy with Him.

A great way to take your people on that kind of spiritual journey in a campaign is to use a church-wide devotional, and we want to provide you one for FREE.

Our Imagine Devotional is a 21-day spiritual journey that walks through the issues of repentance, sacrifice, vision, and listening.

It gets people to ask God what role He’s asking them to play in furthering the Kingdom of God in your community.

To download a free copy that you can use in your church right now, click here!

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