Why Every Pastor Should Consider a Personal Finance Ministry

Your congregation is searching for answers… Think of the current market conditions: high interest rates, inflation, market crashes, bank failures, high housing costs,  economic instability, and volatile markets. 

Your people are wondering how to navigate challenging financial times, and how to effectively manage their money. Where are they finding answers to these questions?

Creating a personal finance ministry can provide your congregation with essential tools and life skills to navigate financial challenges successfully. And helping them achieve dreams that might have seemed financially out of reach! 

3 Reasons To Consider A Personal Finance Ministry: 

1. Financial Management

Having practical tools for managing money becomes crucial during times of economic uncertainty. Financial teaching based on biblical principles provides resources, strategies, and guidance to help your people make well-informed financial decisions and set strong financial habits. 

Looking for a resource to kickstart your personal finance ministry?
Learn about the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study HERE

2. Accomplishing Financial Dreams

Those living in financial struggle harbor dreams they believe are financially unattainable. A personal finance ministry provides a roadmap for financial success. Whether it’s eliminating debt, purchasing a home, or becoming an investor, your ministry can equip your people with the skills to not just pursue, but achieve their financial goals. 

3. Increased Giving

Implementing a ministry on personal finance goes beyond the individual, as your congregation dives into stewardship. Churches that have started personal finance ministries report on average 10-30% giving increases. 

Your church can become a beacon of support for your congregation with a personal finance ministry. Consider taking this transformative step and start providing the answers your congregation needs today!

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