5 Ways to Help Your People Become Better Stewards in 2024 

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In challenging financial times, your congregation is actively seeking direction and solutions amid economic uncertainty. As a pastor or church leader, you hold the power not only to provide answers but also to provide HOPE, inspiring and encouraging your church families as they navigate financial struggles. These five strategies serve as valuable tools for your ministry, aiding in the empowerment of your congregation amidst financial uncertainties, and guiding them toward a deeper understanding of financial stewardship.

Regularly Deliver Money Messages

  • As a ministry leader, integrate stewardship principles into your sermons. Emphasize biblical teachings on money management, generosity, and stewardship during your weekly services. Use relatable stories, parables, or real-life examples to illustrate these principles, making them applicable and engaging for your congregation.

Lead a Personal Finance Group Study

  • Initiate a study group or small group sessions focused on personal finance. Choose resources or study materials that align with your faith values and provide practical guidance on budgeting, saving, debt management, and wise financial decision-making. Encourage group discussions, sharing personal experiences, and applying learned principles to real-life situations.
I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study

Offer Financial Education Workshops

  • Organize workshops or seminars addressing various aspects of financial literacy. Cover topics such as creating a budget, managing debt, investing, retirement planning, and charitable giving. Invite financial experts or knowledgeable speakers to provide insights and guidance. Ensure these workshops are interactive, providing attendees with actionable steps and resources to improve their financial well-being.
Financial Learning Experience

Implement an Effective Annual Stewardship Calendar

  • Develop a comprehensive stewardship calendar outlining planned events, campaigns, and initiatives throughout the year. Strategically schedule events like stewardship Sundays, financial planning seminars, fundraising campaigns for specific causes, or community outreach projects. Allocate specific months or periods for focused stewardship teachings and activities to maintain consistency and engagement.
Stewardship Calendar

Lead by Example

  • Showcase responsible stewardship in your personal and public life. Embody the principles you preach by practicing wise financial management, living within means, and demonstrating generosity. Share personal stories or testimonies that highlight the positive impact of stewardship on your life. Lead by example to inspire your congregation to adopt similar practices and attitudes towards stewardship.

Ready to lead your congregation toward better financial stewardship in 2024? Let’s discuss how these strategies can transform your ministry. Book a call with us today to explore actionable steps for a prosperous personal finance ministry within your church!

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