, How To Steward The Giving Moment: Easter

As Easter approaches, it’s crucial to elevate our expectations, recognizing that the level of expectation directly influences our level of preparation. Are you ready for a significant generosity response this Easter season? 

The Power of Expectation:

Our expectations hold power. As you plan for the Easter season, envision not just a routine celebration but a momentous occasion marked by the invitation of faithful generosity. The expectation of a remarkable response sets the stage for a prepared and intentional approach to encourage and facilitate giving within your congregation.


Preparing for Generosity:

A large generosity response demands a large level of preparation. Craft sermons, messages, and giving talks that resonate with the significance of the season, emphasizing the joy of giving in celebration of the resurrection. Prepare your congregation for a transformative experience that goes beyond your church’s routine offerings.

Create a Moment with Easter Giving Scripts:

We invite you to explore our Easter Giving Scripts to help you prepare for a transformative Easter generosity response. These meticulously crafted scripts are designed to create an impactful call to stewardship in connection with the spirit of Easter. Access our Easter Giving Scripts and create an atmosphere that invites your congregation to participate in the spirit of generosity. 

Whether it’s through compelling sermons, engaging messages, or giving talks plan every aspect of your Easter celebration with the anticipation of generosity, as you prepare for this special season, remember: the more you expect, the more you can prepare, and the more impactful your Easter celebration can be.

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