Capital Campaign

An effective Capital Stewardship/Generosity Initiative is an exciting and faith-filled journey.  INJOY Stewardship Solutions will help create a capital initiative designed uniquely for your ministry, considering your specific culture, DNA, personality, leadership style, history, experience, and future dreams. 

Lives are transformed as a result of engaging in an effective biblical stewardship journey as people are attached to the heart of God. Our vision is your vision fully funded!

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Carey Nieuwhof

"Bold" may have been a risk, but we're so glad we trusted God, held our breath, and took the plunge! Our future - and the future of many, many families - is vastly different because of it

Does your church need a capital campaign?

Do we need a capital campaign? Can we expect to raise more money through a campaign? Can we even afford to hire a company to help us?

These are the kinds of questions we have helped over five thousand churches walk through. Access the complete church capital campaign guide and next steps right here 

Campaign Calculator

Find out how much you could raise.

What are the expected results after your church capital campaign?

  • More fully surrendered followers of Jesus
  • Personal stories of life change
  • A heightened spiritual temperature in your church
  • An expanded leadership base
  • Maximum participation
  • Maximum dollars raised
What others are saying
Ralph West, founder and senior pastor of The Church Without Walls. Photo courtesy of Ralph West

Ralph Douglas West

INJOY has been a blessing and benefit to our church in ways that go far beyond the financial successes. We can’t say thank you enough to INJOY.

Should you have a partner for your Church Capital Campaign?

Determining who to partner with can be an overwhelming process and many churches have no idea where to even begin.  

There are so many factors to consider when vetting different consulting companies, and in 30+ years of being on the other end of these conversations, we’ve discovered.

Here are 10 questions you should ask to help you discern if the company you are talking to is the right fit for your church.  


Success Story Two Campaigns In 3 Years & $1.4M Over Goal

Case Study
Pastor Mike Popenhagen
Radiant Church
Jackson, MI

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