How Piedmont Church Increased Its Weekly Giving 18% During The Pandemic


Piedmont Church, located in Marietta, GA and led by senior pastor Ike Reighard, is one of America’s leading churches.  Unfortunately, like all churches, 2020 created times of extreme stress and uncertainty.

Through its partnership with INJOY Stewardship, the church was only a few weeks away from asking the congregation to invest in the next generation of students by expanding its children’s area when the pandemic hit.  As a result, the national shutdown paused their campaign indefinitely.

During the interim however, the church still needed financial resources to deliver day-to-day ministry.  Therefore, Piedmont Church and the team at INJOY Stewardship embarked on an annual giving plan.  In short, INJOY Stewardship’s Annual Giving Solution is our strategy for increasing weekly giving.  Ed Miller, one of the church’s elders and a financial coach himself, stepped up to spearhead this effort.

Ed and the INJOY Stewardship team put together a comprehensive calendar that would continue to resource the church’s ministries and its commitment to serving its community throughout the entire year.  The following are just a sample of the strategies Piedmont implemented:

  • January and October money message and generosity series 

  • Two rounds of stewardship education classes

  • Enhanced first-time giver system

  • 90-Day Tithe Challenge

  • Digital Giving emphasis 

  • High-Capacity Giver system

  • Estate Planning workshop

  • More intentional weekly offering talks

  • Year-End Giving initiative 

  • And much, much more…

The results were extraordinary!!!

Because of Ike and Ed’s leadership and their partnership with INJOY Stewardship, weekly giving increased 18% over the previous year…. During a pandemic!!!!

The church has since been able to make an even greater impact on its community through an initiative called Love Does.  Among other items, Love Does has resourced multiple sensory classrooms for special needs children at the local schools, fed and clothed tens of thousands of people, and prominently supported the local business community.

This was only possible because of Ike’s vision, Ed’s diligent execution, and the kind people of Piedmont Church who were discipled, equipped, and given onramps to express their generosity through the annual giving plan.

INJOY Stewardship – Annual Giving has now become systematized and is part of the church’s ongoing culture of generosity.

If your church needs to increase its weekly giving and make a greater Kingdom impact in your community and around the world, click below to start a conversation about our annual giving solution.

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