Catalyst 2018 – Top 25 Leadership Quotes


Last week, INJOY Stewardship Solutions dispatched our Director of New Ministry Partnerships, Brian Dodd, to Catalyst ’18 in Atlanta.

Catalyst is a 2-day experience geared towards helping leaders build great churches, growing strong teams, and being a catalyst for change.

This year’s theme was Fully Alive based on what the Bible says in John 10:10 – “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.”

The following are The Top 25 Leadership Quotes From Catalyst 2018.

These thoughts will improve your thinking and accelerate your personal growth as a leader.

Life.Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel – on the dangers of comparison.

  • We fall prey to the cancer of comparison. The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it to something else.

  • Becoming obsessed with what people think of you is the fastest way to forget what God thinks of you.

  • You can’t please everybody. You can please God.

  • God never called me to be important. God will never say, “Well done my good and important servant.” If I am faithful, I am doing things that are important.

  • Nobody can beat you at being you created by God.

John Mark Comer, Pastor of Teaching and Vision at Bridgetown Church – on what it truly means to follow Jesus.

  • If you want to experience the life of Jesus, you have to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.

  • As a pastor, if I can’t say “Follow Jesus the way I follow Jesus,” then I have no business leading a church. The best thing you bring to leadership is your own transformed soul.

  • Your life is your message, not just your sermon or podcast.

  • Our churches will live up or down to our level of maturity.

  • We need to slow our life way down to fit it into our potential. People are just too busy to live anything close to a life of emotional health. People in a hurry do not have time to love. Hurry is incompatible with joy. The secret to happiness is present to the moment.

Pastor Appreciation Scripts

Dr. Henry Cloud

  • Nobody gets burned out in a learning environment. You get burned out in a critical environment.

Devon Franklin

  • Too many times we get excited about a celebrity we have never met. There is no celebrity that got on the cross. No celebrity is greater than Jesus Christ.

  • There can be no transformation without transparency. The future leader is a transparent leader.

  • Part of our strength is admitting our weakness because it allows Jesus to step in and be our strength.

  • We want the victory, but we have too much vanity to go get it.

Lisa Bevere

  • We have become a generation who criticizes, not prophecies. It takes no spirit to criticize.

  • The youth are not our replacements. They are our reinforcements.

  • We are a generation whose opinions form your convictions rather than your convictions forming your opinions.

  • We are in the last days.

Pastor Choco De Jesus, Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Church in Chicago

  • The greatest legacy I can leave on planet Earth is that my three children love the Lord.

  • America is in trouble, but the greatest answer is the church of Jesus Christ.

  • You are an overcomer. You’re a child of the Living God. Your father is a king. Act like it.

  • I still believe in altars. It is a place where you die. It is a place where you leave things.

  • We want to understand. Understanding can wait but obedience cannot. You cannot understand the plans of God. They’re too big.

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