“Ten Signs of A Leadership Crash” from Stephen Mansfield


author and speaker, Stephen Mansfield

Today, our team is learning from Dave Ramsey and the Ramsey Solutions Team through the EntreLeadership 1-Day Conference.

It is going to be a great day of learning for our team members, and we wanted to share some of our notes with you!

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In Session One, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and leadership consultant, Stephen Mansfield, spoke about the “Ten Signs of A Leadership Crash”, and we want to share three of these signs with you.  

3 (of 10) Signs of A Leadership Crash

There are common features to any leadership crash: 

  • There are nearly always important warning signs.

  • Those near the leader usually see trouble coming well in advance.

  • In nearly every case, people fail to act.

BIG IDEA: Every leader and leadership team should know the ten signs of a leadership crash 

1 – Being out of SEASON. 

  • There are invisible seasons that define our lives. 

  • Ignoring these seasons leave us off-balance, vulnerable, and often ineffective.

  • Identify your seasons and respect their boundaries and commitments.

BIG IDEA: Recognizing when you are out of season is more art than science. It’s a feeling of being vulnerable, set up for trouble, and out of sync with the best version of yourself. 

2 – Choosing ISOLATION. 

  • Leaders usually separate themselves from others when they are feeling guilt, hurt, embarrassment, or inappropriate pride.

  • Most leadership crashes are preceded by an unhealthy season of isolation.

  • Leaders need others close by to help them be their best.

BIG IDEA: There is the healthy isolation we all need for thought, for introspection, and to nurture our spiritual lives. Unhealthy isolation leaves us exposed and alone. Leadership crashes often follow.

3 – Defining episodes of BUSINESS. 

  • The soul has a memory like an elephant.

  • Old wounds and offenses can easily re-emerge and deform us.

  • When bitterness reigns, we feel entitled to any pleasure or privilege.

BIG IDEA: Unhealed wounds can defile us, turning us to destructive behavior and causing us to repel the very people we need in our lives. 

To learn more about the ten signs of a leadership crash, purchase Stephen Mansfield’s book, Ten Signs of a Leadership Crash

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