Breaking Down Barriers: How to Connect & Disciple Financial Leaders

“The church should be the best-run and the best-funded organization in the world. The hope of the world is the local church.” – Bill Hybels

Discipling Financial Leaders, eBook

Dismantle the barriers that obstruct ministry growth! Learn what is needed to form the foundation of faithful stewardship, guiding members of your congregation to become impactful financial leaders for the mission of Christ! 

How can you start raising these leaders within your church? 

Communicate The Vision

Vision is the cornerstone of impactful ministry stewardship. It’s more than just a goal; it’s the inspiring force that propels financial leaders to participate. Embrace a vision aligned with your ministry’s mission, and begin to communicate it clearly.  Our eBook, ‘Discipling Financial Leaders’’ is designed to help you do just that.

Foster Genuine Conversations

Break the silence surrounding financial discussions and engage in authentic conversations about stewardship. Our eBook provides practical guidance to navigate these conversations within your ministry circles, fostering transparency and trust.

Embrace the Uncomfortable – 

Be equipped to speak about the discomfort your financial leaders may feel as they step out in faithful stewardship! They will be presented with a choice in their stewardship journey: to settle for the familiar or to courageously embrace discomfort for transformative growth.

Are you ready to empower and nurture financial leaders within your ministry? Get access to our Discipling Financial Leaders eBook here for more helpful tips and embark on a transformative journey toward impactful financial leadership within your ministry.

Let’s break barriers, foster genuine conversations, and journey toward ministry growth!

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